BOBOVR – The New Greater Experience VR !


BOBOVR Z4 is a new model of Virtual Reality Glasses made from high quality plastic materials. When it comes to design, I must admit that this set looks really amazing. Black and white elements of construction together with silver linings create the impression of much more professional design than those which can be found in older VR headsets. VR helmet weighs 419 g and is equipped with Headphone Integrity Design as well as capacitive button.


Z4 has three-way adjustable t-shaped elastic straps joined together with the help of soft leather-like material, which makes wearing goggles completely comfortable. At the top section of your head there is an adjustable strap and plastic disc with the name of the brand inscribed on it. The disc comes with soft and comfortable padding for increasing the stress area of the head. I am not quite sure whether this solution has some practical justification or its function is mainly decorative. Howevr, what I did notice, is the fact that the top strap may be adjusted only when the headset is removed from your head, because velcro fastener is located inside the goggles. Personally, I find this feature really disturbing, it makes it quite difficult to perfectly adjust the set to natural curves your head while not wearing it. The disc is secured with short velcro band, unfortunately I had to turn it upside down so its rigid sides did not hurt my forehead while using. Luckily, it only takes few seconds to make necessary adjustments and be ready to enjoy the increased comfort of this simple solution.


BOBOVR Z4 Virtual Reality Glasses are made from high quality PET materials. They are characterised by unique design and well thought out system of secure phone insertion. One of the main features of this Goggle is the fact that they are equipped with headphone integrity system with easy-to-operate volume regulator. The distinctive function of Z4 headset is capacitive button, which is functional and works extremely well. All things considered BOBOVR Goggles offer the advantage of really comfortable use (despite of considerable weight and tight nose gap, which at some point may become really annoying). Z4 Lenses offer extended field of vision, which adds up to the impression that previous BOBOVR headsets were – to put it gently – not extremely well thought.  This time, the constructors have made their best to create top quality product. I think I can honestly admit that this is my favourite VR headset so far. If you look for a decent quality VR glasses, I truly recommend buying BOBOVR Z4 goggles. Overall this item is VR Gear is great, come grab yours fast !

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